The future is in education


The quality of the Slovak education system has been continuously deteriorating in international comparisons. This is also indicated by declining results in PISA or PIAAC assessments. No Slovak university has been ranked for a longer term in the prestigious Shanghai ranking of the top 500 world universities. 

The aim of the "Learning Makes Sense" project is to reverse these trends. To achieved this aim, it is necessary to change the overall public policy in education at all levels.


Realizátor projektu


MESA10 - The Centre for Economic and Social Analyses was established in 1992 as a think-tank, independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation. Since its inception, MESA10 has supported economic and social reforms aiming to build free society based on adherence to democratic principles and values. The main goals of MESA10 are the support of a free market economy and the development of a knowledge society.

During almost 25 years of its operation, the MESA10 members participated in the design and implementation of several key reforms in Slovakia, such as the decentralisation of the public administration, public finance reform, privatisation, pension system reform and health-care system reform. With Slovakia's entry to the EU, MESA10 has also focused on the systemic support and operation of the knowledge economy, due to new challenges and the necessity to achieve the long-term competitiveness of the country. MESA10 also offers its reform expertise to other transitive countries.

The key domestic activity of MESA10 is the proposal for a substantial transformation of the whole education system in Slovakia, from pre-primary education up to universities during the next 25 years.


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